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Decided to have a look at Richard Avedon. He was an American portrait and fashion photographer.


“A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed, and what he does

with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks.” – Richard Avedon

Avedon started work as an advertising photographer for a department store in 1944, but by 1945 his images already appeared in fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Only a year later, Avedon owned his own studio and began providing images for magazines such as Vogue and Life.

Avedon 003

Besides the fashion photography, Avedon also produced studio portraits of civil rights workers, politicians and various cultural dissidents of various walks of life in an America which was fuelled by anger and violence during the 1960’s. He also branched out and photographed protesters of the Vietnam war and, later, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Avedon 002

Avedon was always interested in how portraiture captured the soul and personality of its subject. And with his reputation growing, he brought many famous faces into his studio, including Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Andy Warhol and British fashion model Twiggy.

Avedon 004

Avedon 001

What I like about Avedon’s portraits is the minimalistic way in which he shoots his images. A lot of his work is in black and white, which is something I’ve always been very keen on in portraits. Depending on my ideas for the portrait modules, I will be trying to incorporate this into my own images.