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Eve Arnold was actually born as Eve Cohen, the daughter of Russian-Jewish parents.

She is one of the most famous portrait photographers to date. Her photographs of Marilyn Monroe are probably the most memorable ones, but she photographed many famous people. Malcolm X, Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Kennedy are all part of her portfolio.

This is some of her work.





I find some of her work absolutely fantastic. Her portraits of Marilyn Monroe from The Misfits (1961) for example. What I like about Eve Arnold is the fact that although she mixed with the rich and famous, she didn’t mind getting down and dirty with the poorer people in order to document their lives. It makes for a very varied portfolio. Not everything is to my taste, but that’s normal. In an interview for the BBC in 1990 she said:

“I don’t see anybody as either ordinary or extraordinary, I see them simply as people in front of my lens.”

To me, that’s how it should be…