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Well, I may not have posted a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy thinking about my briefs. For this one, it’s all about still life photography. I’ve had several ideas, ranging from photographs that replicate original still life (as in the ones from the paintings from the olden days) to things that used cutlery and eggs. However, about a week and half ago I came across some wine glasses that really caught my eye.

I really like photographing glass. The reflections and shine is something that truly captivates me. I know, it sounds silly, but it does. I’m a sucker for colour and a sucker for glass, so they were the perfect combination as the colours in these glasses were gorgeous. So the “theme”, if you wish, for my shoot is going to be Colour & Glass.

I had a look around to see what type of stuff is out there and these are some of the images that inspired me to have a go at this.

Colin Rycroft - Inspiration Image






I’ve shot a few images using just the glasses and then I decided to try and find drinks or bottles that matched the colours of the glasses. So I did a couple of shots with those in too. The following image shows the small setup I used to get my images. In my house, I lack space… a lot. So I used two soft boxes at both sides of my bed and to diffuse the light even more, I put a plastic storage box on its side on a table on top of the bed and put the items in there. As background, I simply used a roll of lining paper (white wallpaper) which I taped to the top of the box and then rolled out to create an ‘infini wall’ in miniature form. This is one way I use to create a tiny setup which doesn’t require much extra space.




The following are a few of the resulting images from this shoot.











I’d like to experiment some more with this concept, perhaps use liquid or things like that. However, to say I used quite a simple setup, I’m already quite pleased with the resulting shots. I think it’s now more a case of expanding the concept if I can.


Below is a diagram for the basic lighting setup commonly used for product photography.


A background, two soft boxes either side and a soft box on a boom from above. That’s usually a good basic setup. This way, all sides are lit. You can then use foil, card and other bits and pieces to manipulate the light the way you want it to shine on your product.

The following are a couple of shots we did in the studio to try and become familiar with this concept.

Product-004 Product-003 Product-002 Product-005 Product-001

For a first attempt at product photography in the studio, I’m quite happy with the result. One thing I have noticed though, is that I have to be careful with reflections. For example, I can see my reflection in the lens of the camera. Also, you can see the bottom of the camera being light, from the perspex white background and the top being dark, from the room. Although, personally, I rather like that effect, I should have been more careful and at least checked what it would’ve looked like had I evened it all out and made it fully light or dark.